The Benefits of Having a Professional Pet Sitter

Which would you want for your dog? Someone invested in their care or someone looking to make a few extra bucks?

What makes a Professional?

• Insured and bonded
• Business license (if applicable)
• Have a clear criminal background
• Trained in Pet First Aid and CPR
• Have professional contracts for services
• Have emergency policies and procedures in place
• Schedule an meet and greet with client and pet before services begin
• If boarding in their home, have a kennel license as required by PA state law

Why hire a Professional?

They will have accountability for themselves and their business, and hold themselves to high standards. They will have their own liability policies to protect themselves and their clients, homes and pets.

To provide safety for your home and pet, they will have a business license if applicable, and be insured and bonded.

Knowing basic local and state laws for such things as pets being required to have tags if they are removed from the property for a walk, and knowledge of trespassing laws and where pets are not allowed to walk is required.

Anyone entering your home should have a clear criminal history, and they should always be running background checks on any employee they’re hiring. This employee should have a clear criminal background check, as they will be given access to clients’ pets, homes and personal access codes.

They are trained in pet first aid. No one wants to think of their pet getting injured or having an emergency, but should the unthinkable happen, your professional pet services provider needs to know emergency procedures and pet first aid.

They will have a contract for services laying out clear expectations between both parties in regards to services and policies.

They will have a plan in place for inclement weather conditions and natural disasters and a vehicle that will allow for safe driving. They will have contingency plans in the event of inclement weather or a natural disaster. Pets must be taken care of at all times, and a professional should have a plan of action in place for the safety of your pets.

They will always want to schedule an orientation, or meet and greet, with clients before services start.

As is required by PA state law, if the pet care provider is providing boarding in their home, they must have a kennel license.

They will also be safeguarding your home and belongings to make sure the home is secure and a safe environment for the pet.

A professional will be serious about the care of your pet and isn’t your pet worth a professional?

Isn’t my health and safety worth hiring a professional?