Pittsburgh’s Professional Pet Sitters Network is a group of insured, bonded, professional pet sitters working together for the benefit of pets in the Pittsburgh area.  We know the most important aspect of pet care is the trust and responsibility pet owners put in us to care for their furry family members. As part of a network, we can assure our clients and pet parents that if we can’t be there, we can recommend another trustworthy professional from our network!

In today’s growing economy and the lack of regulation in the pet care industry, anyone can offer pet services. These online apps or unexperienced and uninsured services or individuals offer a false sense of security and responsibility. Because of this the Professional Pet Care Industry is leading to certifications through accredited organizations to help stress the importance of the health, safety and care of your pets and home.

Our members abide by a professional standard of business conduct, code of ethics, honesty and integrity, professionalism towards their clients, colleagues and the industry at large, and a commitment to quality of service to ensure the best care for their clients and pets. All members must carry current pet sitters’ insurance, and if applicable, a bond, business license and kennel license if boarding and are true educated professionals. It is illegal in the state of Pennsylvania to board animals in their home or a facility without a kennel licenses and be inspected by the state. 

We are working together to raise the bar in the Pet Care Industry by continuing to educate ourselves, our industry, our pet parents, and our communities.

Our aim is to build a professional pet care community based on trust, honesty and responsibility for the care of pets across the Pittsburgh region.